Angels are time-honored symbols of protection, care and spiritual strength. The gift of a Guardian Angel will express your love and gratitude, support a friend in need, or commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Stan W Tait

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Angel Jewelry | Inspirational Gifts | The Angel Pendant by Stan W. Tait

The First Angel … A Gift Between Friends

As I began designing the first Angel Pendant, I was deeply touched by the expression of unconditional love between friends. The Angel Pendant was a symbol of that deep and abiding human love and is what inspired me to begin to make Angel Pendants for others

Angels are from another realm, always in the background and always present in spirit. Yet for my client, The Angel Pendant represented her love and support; a symbolic gift of her presence in their relationship. She was the Angel in the life of her friend. I was witness to this exchange and it inspired me. As I began sharing the story with others, without exception, people understood how they might share in the giving and receiving of an Angel Pendant with their loved ones. I recognized that millions of people might be similarly touched, possibly seeing themselves as being an Angel in the life of someone they loved, or thanking someone for being an Angel to them. In this way, we can all truly make a difference, by sharing the greatest gift of all, ourselves.
So.. when you are looking for a special way to say : “I love you”, “Thank you for being an Angel to me” or simply “I am here in spirit and prayer for you”, consider the gift The Angel Pendant an enduring gift to last a lifetime .