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Give an Angel – Uplift a Spirit

Having touched the lives of over 70,000 people around the world, help us continue our goal of spreading hope, love, and healing to millions of people.

Angels are time-honoured symbols of protection, care and spiritual strength. Enhancing the original Angel Pendant by Stan W Tait™ with colour therapy infused gemstones, each Angel has a unique healing property and message for you and your loved ones. 






Inner Peace



Self Love

Choose the colour that will best help you in your colourful journey.
Physical Health = Red and Orange ~ Mental Health = Yellow ~ Emotional Heath = Green and Blue
Spiritual Health = Indigo and Violet ~ Self Love = Pink ~ Divine Protection = White

Colour of the Month

 ​February is the month of LOVE – make love in all COLOURS.

As a special treat for this month, we offer suggestions on how each colour in the rainbow may be applied for colour therapy healing in our intimate relationships!

We know colour influences our mood, so why not add a bit to your love life? Add the colour bath liquid and your lover to bath water and experience how the different colours stimulate your love making! Include sensual aromatherapy oils such as Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood and Patchouli, aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate covered strawberries, books on tantra love making, massage tools, etc. Use your imagination….

RED is for sexual energy and passion. This is the colour which is connected to our primal instincts (our root centre). Red helps build up our confidence so we can be more comfortable with our body.

ORANGE stimulates the emotions and helps us to remove inhibitions. Also the energy known to increase our sexuality and sensuality; awakening our (feeling) senses.

YELLOW is the power which heightens awareness and curiosity. Also the colour of friendship.

GREEN connects us to the heart centre and unconditional love, compassion and generosity. Green helps one to give as well as receive love. Sometimes we need to give green to ourselves and show our body how much we love it.

BLUE inspires affection, trust and loyalty. Show your partner you will be forever faithful.

INDIGO is the colour to share with your soulmate for an intense soul to soul connection.

VIOLET indicates spiritual love, for those divinely inspired. Also the colour to activate universal creativity.

TURQUOISE allows you to express yourself freely. Combines the emotions from the heart and the blue expression.

PINK is for a special friend or lover. Pink is the universal colour of love and the colour of self-respect and self-esteem.  

Collaboration between Angela Dacey, Colour Therapy Expert, Stan W Tait, jeweller, and Sue Tait, artist.

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