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Give an Angel – Uplift a Spirit

Having touched the lives of over 70,000 people around the world, help us continue our goal of spreading hope, love, and healing to millions of people.

Angels are time-honoured symbols of protection, care and spiritual strength. Enhancing the original Angel Pendant by Stan W Tait™ with colour therapy infused gemstones, each Angel has a unique healing property and message for you and your loved ones. 






Inner Peace



Self Love

Choose the colour that will best help you in your colourful journey.
Physical Health = Red and Orange ~ Mental Health = Yellow ~ Emotional Heath = Green and Blue
Spiritual Health = Indigo and Violet ~ Self Love = Pink ~ Divine Protection = White

Colour of the Month

​Red is not only brings us warmth, physical energy and stamina during this busy time, it is also the colour to connect us to our root family and our root chakra energy centre.
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Collaboration between Angela Dacey, Colour Therapy Expert, Stan W Tait, jeweller, and Sue Tait, artist.

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